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The experienced and qualified team of developers at Edway Apps provide our clients with the complete package from start to finish to maximise success. Being industry leaders in web and mobile application development, we are experts in the design and development of complex software systems (front and backend), including websites and web applications. We develop our custom backend systems using PHP, Python and Ruby.

At Edway Apps, we understand our clients are seeking to improve or launch their brand to be unique, high quality and effective in communicating with their customers and clients, while being mindful of their overall business strategy. We design high-quality intuitive user interfaces (UI) for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Having years of experience in designing mobile phone apps, we develop our products to provide the best user experience (UX) for the software systems we build, whether it is a mobile app, website or web application.

It’s true: we have a team of talented mobile and web app developers with cutting-edge expertise, but we offer much more than just mobile and web applications – we also specialise in technical software development services. Our team also include business strategists and analysts, marketing consultants and financial specialists to give your application development the edge over the competition.

We truly believe that your project success will eventually transform into our success and our quality past work (word of mouth) are the only long-term marketing aspect we worry about.


We plan and execute your web or mobile application for maximum business potential

We help our clients with essential business functions, from testing the initial idea to launching the mobile app in the market. Our business services include feasibility testing, strategy, planning, prototyping, monetisation strategy, and marketing. We can even help you gain startup funding through our crowdfunding service.

Websites development, social media and reliable services

Do you need a website and social media connections? We’re one of Melbourne and Sydney’s foremost websites development companies, so your branding is consistent and recognisable right from day one.

The World renowned web and mobile apps developers work on your application’s success

Our web and mobile applications developers are recognised leaders in the industry. We were among the first to develop mobile applications for iPhone and Android in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Today, we’re known as one of the top global business-focused mobile applications building agencies. Our experience includes both business and consumer web and mobile apps, as well as the integration with big data, CRM software, and social media. We would love to learn more about your ideas and turn them into reality.

Where to start with a Web or Mobile Apps Development

There are hundreds if not thousands of web pages suggesting various approaches and cheap DIY programs which claim to show you how to make a mobile or web applications. Yet, if you visit the Apps Stores you will find it very hard to find a successful iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Androidmobile App which wasn’t professionally approached, designed and built. At Edway Apps we have been designing winning systems and solutions for years to enable existing businesses or new start-ups the ability to thrive in this very competitive market. We design the web and mobile apps to align with the client's overall project / business strategy with holistic analysis and project planning.

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We've worked with some amazing brands

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Crowdfunding Your App

So you have a world-beating idea for a web or mobile app but it’s going to cost more than you can afford to build it! We can help with our own in-house Crowdfunding service.

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Crowdfunding Your App

Business Systems and Apps

The Market became multilayer and marketing initiatives need to be more complex than before. Businesses face many options when choosing various marketing channels to make sales, acquire new customers or clients, and / or maintain existing relationships - brand support.

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Business Apps