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Edway Apps has expertise in coding and designing mobile applications for both iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) and Android devices.



ADEVI, An AI assisted rapid application prototyping tool with source code generation and user collaboration. A platform to address the global problem of fragmented SDLC with User Experience design. Bringing together all elements of the app prototyping process in a single solution. ADEVI is more than just a tool. ADEVI, a state of the art AI assisted app prototyping platform that produces source code, enabling designers and developers to work cohesively on the digital products to get to the market.

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Tech 4 Data

Tech4Data is a community that enables enthusiast to learn and share knowledge in AI, blockchain, big data and other data-driven technologies. Tech4Data is a resourceful community with the free access to articles, educational materials, forums and developer tools.

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Creative Smart Hub

Creative Smart Hub is a market global community for UI/UX designers, digital art designers and software developers. Creative Smart Hub provides cutting-edge advantages for creative individuals by enabling integrated AI smart tools and features. CSH allows designers to gain social recognition by broadening their design variations quicker without an extra effort, thus improving their financial return on creative products.

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ProFreightQuote is an ingenious one-stop solution that provides instant and competitive sea and air cargo quotes, as well as offering superior additional tools for logistic professionals, shippers and forwarders. ProFreightQuote is a free service to the both customers and freight service providers.

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Right On Course

Right on Course is a small to medium size company that provides Hi-Fliers Distribution services. The company was using Garmin wearable devices to monitor and record Distributors actual data for the jobs performed. It was a costly and cumbersome process as the company was purchasing Garmin wearables and providing them to their Walkers.

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ClubQnect is a revolutionary SaaS Software system with iPhone and Android mobile apps for end users and Web Application for Event Managers. The app is designed and developed by Edway Apps Software Development and Design Team, plus our web development team in Melbourne, Australia. Create events, assemble a crew, sell tickets, and offer mobile check-in.

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Punters Club

Are you tired of using a spreadsheet to run your punter’s club? Now there is a straightforward and easy to use app that lets you run your punters club from a mobile device. Punters Club allows you to invite a group of people to pool money together for betting on sports events, in turn, using this app. It’s a great way to bet socially without spending too much of your hard-earned money all through the convenience of a mobile app. The app is designed and developed by Edway Apps in Sydney, Australia.

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Innovations Daily

Whether you are an investor, a researcher, a senior executive, or a media professional, Innovations Daily shows you where innovative trends are heading for both large firms and start-ups on a daily basis. Wake up to the latest news about innovations in various industry sectors from all over the world. The app allows you to customise your reading experience according to categories, sub-categories, country of origin and year of foundation (for start-ups).

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Savealife is a mobile app or Android and iPhone devices that set the correct tempo to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) using visual, audio and vibration cues. It’s a must have app for anyone. You never know when you may need to perform CPR to save someone’s life. Be prepared.

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Kraftsmen iPhone and Android Mobile Application is a PDF document-generating mobile app that produces a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for the Kraftsmen Property Maintenance Company. One SWMS can be prepared to cover a variety of tasks, taking into account the changing nature of the work environment. The Kraftsmen app was created for Sydney company client by Edway Apps, Sydney, Australia.

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CMT Insurance

CMT Car is an Australian Company that enquired Edway Apps to design and develop apps for Android and iPhone devices in Sydney. CMT Insurance Services Company’s Mobile Apps allow the clients to notify a contact of your choice quickly in the unfortunate event of a car accident. CMT Company is notified at the same time, so we can instantly begin arranging a Luxury Replacement Vehicle for you to drive while your vehicle is off the road. CMT Luxury Replacement Vehicles is a dedicated service with a professional team that will provide you with the expertise to assist you through every stage of your claim and get you back on the road with minimum inconvenience.

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Solocator is a GPS field camera that lets you overlay and stamp photos with GPS location, compass direction, altitude, and date & time taken. You can also view photo orientation and place in map view and navigate there. With Industry Pack (IAP) you can add additional features such as editable notes or a watermark. Apps For iPhone and Android are designed and developed with attention to detail in Sydney, Australia.

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The Results and Processes Guide designed for assessors of residential aged care homes. It is used to assist them in identifying and considering results and methods for expected outcomes to assess compliance with the Accreditation Standards of the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.

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GPS Field Camera

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This project is a perfect example of what can be done with the use of smartphones and various mobile devices, the right strategy, a well-planned budget, and determination. ClubQnect is an event management SaaS software system with web and mobile applications. Qnect is one of the most complex projects we have worked on on the date of publishing this Development Case Study, and we finalised it in August 2015.

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